As a digital designer, I love working with prints in various forms where sticker design is a fun side track.
Here I want to show you what I can achieve with my drawing tablet other means to produce creative and fun designs.
Retro design

Client → 2023

This was a project together with my skydiving buddy Joackim. He shared his idea with me to make a cool club t-shirt in a retro design
for everyone to wear the upcoming summer in 2024.

My task in this project was to create a design based on Joackim's retro-idea of showing important elements of the environment around the jumping-field. As you can see there are important central parts in this design such as the plains of Östergötland, the Vättern-lake and the wind turbines with the important role to show others our view during the jumps in the summer evenings.
For this project I've used Illustrator.

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