Year movie

Personal → 2023

For a long time I've felt inspired to make  a year movie, and in 2023 it happened.

It was in the early beginning of 2023 that I decided to collect the best memories and put it all together to a movie.
Despite challenges I've never had so much fun during a working process, and I think the result came out how I wanted it.
This project has made me realize how much I enjoy recording and working with motion graphics.  
This project has also developed my content skills for social media a lot.
For this project I've used After Effects.
Presentation video

Personal/Schoolproject → 2022

In the spring of 2022, it was time to apply for an internship for the last time before graduation. Before the last internship period, we were given the task of producing a CV film with the aim of being visible on the job market. I was very much looking forward to start working and thanks to a strong inspiration the ideas came to me quickly.

My basic idea was to show scenes of myself throughout the film. The reason for this is because I, as a job seeker, want to give employees a clear picture of who I am and my personality which many times can be difficult to get by reading a resume.
For this project I've used After Effects.

Client → 2021

During my internship at TietoEVRY, I was commissioned to do a company presentation for prospective employees in the form of animation.
I am very proud of the result - not only for having succeeded in the challenge but also the fact that it became a much
appreciated product on the part of the company.
For this project I've used After Effects.

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